My name is Petr Handlíř and I am a building designer. I fell in love with this profession a long time ago and from that point I have an intensive interest about whole building industry. I put my gained experiences into each project thus it fits to client´s needs. 

Communication with people, excepting of new challenges or improving of myself, that's the things which motivate me the most.


My projects are made with software Revit 3D or Autocad 2D. I also offer projects in BIM method. To my clients is allowed to watch under my hand - projects in process are countinuously published on 3D web viewer, where is possible see a progress of works. Each file of particular project is available on cloud. Communication is possible face to face, by phone, email or through video conference.


I began with designing works at 2005 in small architectural atelier with regional range as a designer of civil engineering. From 2007 till 2015 I had collected experiences in significant architectural atelier and later at multinational industry developer. Year 2015 was milestone for me when I started as a freelancer.

In my current work life I have had oppourtunity to cooperate on varies type of buildings such as family houses, apartment buildings, hotels, shopping centres, buildings for sport, office buildings, industry buildings. 


From the beginning of my career I consider profession education for the most important thing in my branch and my attitude follow this. I have attended numerous excursions, conferences, professional seminars and courses, all with focusing on modern trends in building industry, education about problematic parts of building or legislative. I regularly follow development of building industry and keep step with.

I am a member of The Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians (ČKAIT).

I own The certificate of physical person for designing of secret buildings in grade Confidentially, provided by The national security authority.

I successfully passed certification exam for software  Revit Architecture - Autodesk Certified Professional.